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    Vetted and Ethical AI Businesses

    Quality Assurance: Every business and consultant undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our high standards of ethics and professionalism.

    Trustworthy Partners: Connect with companies that are committed to ethical practices and cutting-edge AI solutions.

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    Top Talent Opportunities: Advertise your job openings to a network of highly skilled AI professionals.

    Premium Listings: Gain access to exclusive job postings that aren't available anywhere else.

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    Showcase Products and Services

    Targeted Advertising: Promote your AI products and services to a dedicated audience that values ethical AI.

    Innovative Solutions: Highlight your cutting-edge technologies and solutions to potential clients and partners.

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    Networking and Collaboration

    Connect with Peers: Build relationships with like-minded AI consultants and businesses.

    Collaborative Projects: Engage in collaborative projects that drive innovation and ethical AI practices.

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    Stay Informed

    Industry Insights: Access the latest news, trends, and research in the AI industry.

    Professional Development: Benefit from resources and events that foster continuous learning and growth.

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AI Applications & Use Cases

Share and discuss practical applications of AI in various industries, including case studies and success stories.

AI Ethics & Policy

Engage in discussions about the ethical considerations and policy implications of AI technology.

AI General Discussion

A place for general discussions about artificial intelligence, including news, trends, and advancements in the field.

AI in Finance

Share use cases and discuss the impact of AI in finance, including algorithmic trading, fraud detection, and risk management.

AI in Healthcare

Discuss AI applications in healthcare, including diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient care.

AI in Robotics

Explore the role of AI in robotics, from industrial automation to personal robots.

AI News & Announcements

Stay updated with the latest news and announcements in the AI field.

AI Policy & Regulation

Engage in discussions about AI policies, regulations, and their impact on society.

AI Research & Development

Discuss the latest research, share papers, and collaborate on AI projects and experiments.

AI Tools & Frameworks

Discuss the tools, libraries, and frameworks used in AI development, including best practices and troubleshooting.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborate on AI research projects and experiments with other community members.

Ethical AI

Discuss the ethical implications of AI technology, including bias, fairness, and transparency.

General AI Discussion

Open discussions on any topic related to AI.

Other AI Tools

Discuss other AI tools and frameworks such as Scikit-learn, Apache MXNet, and more.


Share knowledge and solve problems related to PyTorch.

Research Papers & Publications

Share and discuss AI research papers, publications, and findings.

TensorFlow & Keras

Discuss everything related to TensorFlow and Keras, including tutorials, tips, and troubleshooting.

Membership Packages

Membership Level:1 AI Bronze Business
AI Bronze Business

Prioritize low-cost lead generation and exposure with the AI Bronze Business membership. Ideal for those seeking free or low-cost opportunities to connect and gain visibility, this level values introductions to the community and network-building. As a Bronze Business member, you'll have access to valuable resources and connections that help your business grow and thrive in the AI ecosystem.

Membership Level:2 AI Copper Connector
AI Copper Connector

The AI Copper Connector membership is designed for those who maintain visibility while managing operations and navigating rising business costs and regulations. This level offers cost-effective opportunities to drive sales and learn from peers. Focus on visibility, engagement, and fostering growth within the AI community. As a Copper Connector, you'll stay connected and influential without breaking the bank.

Membership Level:3 AI Silver Catalyst
AI Silver Catalyst

Become an AI Silver Catalyst and contribute to a thriving economy. This membership level is perfect for those seeking branding opportunities to gain market share while aligning with corporate values. Focus on positioning, talent development, and leadership within the AI community. As a Silver Catalyst, you'll help foster innovation and growth, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive AI landscape.

Membership Level:4 AI Gold Champion
AI Gold Champion

As an AI Gold Champion, your contributions fund our mission and support key priorities. You are a dedicated advocate for a business-friendly environment and believe in corporate citizenship's power to make a difference. This membership level emphasizes advocacy, talent development, and fostering a strong economy. Gold Champions play a crucial role in driving forward the Chamber's initiatives and promoting ethical AI practices.

Membership Level:5 AI Platinum Investor
AI Platinum Investor

Join us as an AI Platinum Investor and advocate for a business-friendly environment that benefits all. This membership level focuses on advancing advocacy, talent development, and economic growth. Your support aligns with the Chamber's mission and drives positive change in the community. As a Platinum Investor, you'll be a catalyst for innovation and prosperity, helping to steer the future of AI.

Membership Level:6 AI Diamond Partner
AI Diamond Partner

Become an AI Diamond Partner and be embedded as a key stakeholder in our thriving AI community. Your active support helps propel the Chamber's mission and vision forward, ensuring sustained growth and success. With your commitment, you'll shape the future of our community, fostering growth and prosperity. As a Diamond Partner, you'll enjoy unparalleled influence and recognition within the AI Coalition Network.